10 Blog post topics to help promote your business online

10 Blog post topics to help promote your business online

How’s your blog strategy looking for 2019? Are you still putting it off because you are struggling to come up with ideas on what to write about? Recently we covered ‘How-to publish your first blog post (which you can read here)’ now we’d like to help guide you with ‘what to post.’

Here’s our list of 10 blog post topics to help promote your business online, and the beauty of them..? They can be easily adapted to any type of business!

This is the year to get more personal, share your true thoughts and feelings on relatable topics that connect with your customers which in turn, will lead to an increase in traffic and revenue for your business.

1. Introduction

How many of your new customers or social media followers know how and why you got started in the first place? An introduction post is a must for any small business – think of it as a more intimate extension of your about page. Share your likes, dislikes and maybe include a photo of your family pet.

2. 20 Facts about me/my business

This is the perfect opportunity for a list style blog post to teach your customers more about you/your business on a personal level. List style posts (such as this one) help to break up your content into easy to digest chunks.

3. Top things on your bucket list

Another great way to expose a little bit extra about you and your personality. Have some fun with this one and don’t be scared to share your biggest goals, passions and places you’d love to visit. Invite your readers to share theirs in the comments section to keep the conversation going.

4. My 5 favourite blogs, online shops or service providers

Did you know shout outs to other businesses and linking to their website can benefit your business? Write a post about why you love so and so and send them a quick DM message on Instagram to let them know about it – it could result in a new friendship or they might even return the favour with a shout out of your brand too!

5. Lessons learned …

Has your business venture been a long journey? What are the biggest things you’ve learn along the way that might just benefit someone else (i.e.: your customers). Share your struggles and your successes that have lead you to where you are now and what is ahead for the future.

6. Your latest travel adventures

Alright this one might not relate directly with your business but it’s a good chance to show your customers that you’re a real life human being who loves getting out and about and spending time with family and friends (because who doesn’t love that right?)

7. Behind the scenes

This one is always a hit. Take your customers on a quick tour inside your workplace and document your daily ins and outs of your business (without giving away too much of course!).

8. Current news and events

Look for news articles or upcoming events that relates to your business and share your thoughts on the subject and how it affects you or how your customers might benefit from it.

9. Frequently asked questions

So you might already have an FAQ’s page on your website but why not take the chance to elaborate or include any new queries you might have received. You never know who might be thinking the same thing and too scared to ask.

10. Gift guides and promos

The year is full of special events and momentous occasions (e.g. Valentines day, Mothers day and of course Christmas just to name a few) and for those who have e-commerce websites, these are perfect opportunities to compile a gift guide that with help your customers decide what to buy from your shop and why they’ll love it.

We hope this has got you in the mood for writing your next blog post! Get started today by jotting down a few ideas of each topic we’ve listed above and before you know it, you’ll have 10 new blog posts in the making!

Quick tips:

Have you got any other ideas to add? Share with us in the comments below!

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