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Less is More

Less is more

Less is More

White Space

Also known as negative space, white space refers to the open space between design elements, not the colour of the space. White space is often overlooked and considered merely as ‘blank’ space, however, a page filled with text/graphics with little white space is often difficult to read and can appear busy and cluttered.

White space attracts the eye and creates impact, and without impact your business could be missed in a crowd of competitors.

White space allows for clean, fresh, visual communication.

4blue Showcase

4blue, a client of Mediamojo, is a great example of clean, crisp design that creates impact. The white space used not only allows for clear communication and easy navigation, but draws attention to images and graphical elements.

In keeping with a clean, fresh design, the typography has been limited to shades of blue and grey.  Harsh blacks and overly bright colours have been discarded, as they would have had a negative impact.

4blue website

4blue home

Home Page

The clean, simple layout of the home page has been designed to promote the main message. This is achieved with the featured and stylish photographic images.

Use of uniformly coloured buttons attract the eye for easy navigation.

4blue gallery

Gallery Pages

The gallery design for the project pages, allows for limited elements on a page at one time, keeping within the simplicity of the site.

4blue information pages

Information Pages

Informational pages are easy on the eyes as a result of consistent styling and colours. Paragraph type and headings are in a clean san serif font and coloured in shades of blue and grey, while images and media have been located in consistent location to attract attention.

Clean Communication

How your business communicates visually will greatly affect your success with your consumers/clients. For strong visual communication that’s tailored to your business needs, talk to the team at Mediamojo.

  • Tracey
    Posted at 14:59h, 08 May Reply

    Great Post – I love this style of design. Keep up the great information I’m lovin it. Tracey Lee

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