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About This Project

The Client:

Total Adventures offers an extensive range of innovative, effective and quality educational programs for schools. The camps provide students with the opportunity to develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills while exploring their own potential. Students become proactive in a number of different situations that involve trust, decision making and recognising the individual differences that make each of us unique.

The Job:

Every year Total Adventures approach us to help design and package their current range of school camp programs. Our aim is to create a design concept that will not only appeal to the children that will go to the camps, but to also entice the teachers and school staff that authorise and chaperone the course. Due to the exciting nature of the camps offered it was quite easy to develop promotional material with impact and instant attraction. The current theme was also used when re-developing the Total Adventure website which also offers the full range of Total Adventure services.

The old Total Adventures website had become quite outdated with the functionality and the content so Total Adventures came to Mediamojo for a total redesign. The website is built specifically for information for teachers so it needed to be designed with that in mind. The client wanted the new website design to have a resort feel so that teachers would feel enticed to stay while also being able to utlise all of the camp facilities for their students.

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